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SnowflakeThe principal areas of this site are listed on the left navigation column. Please feel free to browse or search anywhere. Listed, below, are the principal alterations and additions to the site - with the most recent at the top.




6th Feb 2015 Easter Liturgies for 2015

All the monastic Easter prayer times and a summary of the major liturgies

21st Nov 2014 The Open Cloister Programme All the events for 2015 are published here.
20th Nov 2014 Job Adverts

Qualified/experienced Health/Social Care Professional needed to coordinate and provide excellent daily care for our several elderly monks and to help plan current and future care.
Temporary part-time Nurse required.

20th Nov 2014

Times of Christmas Liturgies for 2014


Summary of the principal Christmas Liturgies
20th Feb 2014 Easter Liturgies for 2014

All the monastic Easter prayer times and a summary of the major liturgies

7th Dec 2013 Job Adverts

The Open Cloister, an attractive work environment, has vacancies for:
Two Part Time Domestic Assistants (Sundays)
and a
Part Time Relief Chef/Cook (Weekdays)

20th Nov 2013 Advent events: an invitation

Sunday, 1 December at 7:30pm
Advent Procession from Darkness to Light
Sunday, 15 December at 4pm
Organ Music for Advent
Sunday, 22 December at 4pm
Family Carol Service

18th Nov 2013 The Open Cloister Programme All the events for 2014 are published here.
5th Nov 2013 School Thursday Worship NB (most Thursdays in term time) Joint School Prayer; sometimes Mass starts at 17:10 rather than 17:15 from November 2013
4th Oct 2013 Job Vacancy

Part Time Relief Chef/Cook for The Open Cloister to provide cover to relieve the full-time chef on weekday lunches and evening meals. Weekend working is also a possibility.

1st Oct 2013 Times of Christmas Liturgies for 2013 Summary of the principal Christmas Liturgies
17th Aug 2013 Stained Glass

Some new photos of the King Cole windows in the Music (Whitehead) Room and the Sussex Seasons windows in the (School) Front Porch

10th Sep. 2013 Abbot Luke Blessing

Abbot Luke will receive his Abbatial Blessing on Sunday October 13th at 2.30 p.m. Entry by Ticket only - details HERE

8th Aug 2013 Abbot Luke Elected

We are pleased to announce that we elected Dom Luke Jolly as our sixth Abbot for an eight year term of office starting with immediate effect.  

5th August 2013 Change of time of the Community Concelebrated Mass On Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th August 2013 the Community Concelebrated Mass will be at 09:00 instead of the usual time of 17:30. This is in preparation for the election of a new Abbot on Thursday 8th August.
2nd June 2013 Supporting The Living Stones
- the Christians living in the Holy Lands
The Open Cloister has just returned from our second “Benedictine Retreat Pilgrimage” to the Holy Lands of Jordan, Palestine and Israel.  We brought back an Olive Wood Crib, carved in Bethlehem, which is now on permanent display in St Bruno’s.  It is a holy symbol of the wonderful people who welcomed us to Bethlehem, where every day is Christmas Day despite very difficult living conditions.  Please join us in prayer and consider going on pilgrimage to these holy places to meet the Living Stones of our faith.
1st June 2013 A new weekend Retreat opportunity in The Open Cloister The Catholic Parish of St Joseph's in Brighton invite other retreatants, especially friends of the parish, to join them in their retreat in St Bruno's next weekend June 7th - 9th.
1st June 2013 Sunday, 2nd June 16:00 - 17:00 Eucharistic adoration in Worth Abbey Church at the same time as Pope Francis in Rome. On the Solemnity of Corpus Christi this Sunday, 2 June, the Holy Father will preside over a special Eucharistic adoration that will extend at the same time all over the world involving the cathedrals and parishes in each diocese. For an hour, at 5pm (Rome time), the whole world will be united in prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Bishops of England and Wales website. Vatican Year of Faith website
8th May 2013 Pentecost Vigil 2013 Saturday 18th May 21:00 - 22:00 in Worth Abbey Church.
An ecumenical liturgy to complete the celebration of the Easter mystery
and asking the Holy Spirit to empower us.
7th May 2013 Two new weekend Retreats in The Open Cloister 2013 September 6th – 8th Mindshift: a fresh approach to being in the work place - through a Benedictine lens.
Shaun Lambert and the Monastic Team
2013 October 25th–27th Forgiveness Retreat. Forgiveness is mysterious, challenging, and liberating. ‘Forgive’ is a command given regularly by Jesus; it is not optional if we want to live in Him.
Fodhla McGrane and a member of the Worth Community
4th May 2013 Abbot Kevin announces his retirement as Abbot of Worth Abbey The Abbot President has agreed that my retirement  will take place from Sunday, 2nd June 2013. The election of a new Abbot will take place in early August.
Full announcement.
9th Feb 2013 Easter Liturgies for 2013 All the Easter Liturgy times. NB Easter Sunday morning we ignore the introduction of BST, so the 09:30 Mass is at 10:30 BST
22nd Jan 2013 Worth Abbey Benedictine Retreat Pilgrimage
to the Holy Lands of Jordan, Palestine and Israel
2013 Wednesday April 17th to Thursday 2nd May.

Led by Fr. Patrick Fludder OSB (Worth Abbey) and Geoff Thompson
organised by Worth Abbey † The Open Cloister
For more information (Itinerary, Budget with options), booking form and Memorandum of Understanding, please contact:
the Bookings Secretary at The Open Cloister.

27th Nov 2012 Flier for Advent and Christmas events

Sunday, 2 December at 4pm
Advent Procession from Darkness to Light
Sunday, 16 December at 4pm
Organ Music for Advent
Sunday, 23 December at 4pm
Family Christmas Carol Service

21st Nov 2012 The Open Cloister Programme All the events for 2013 are published here.
21st Nov 2012 Times of Christmas Liturgies for 2012 Summary of the principal Christmas Liturgies
21st Nov 2012 Pilgrimage organised by Worth Abbey † The Open Cloister Worth Abbey Benedictine Retreat Pilgrimage
to the Holy Lands of Jordan, Palestine and Israel
Led by Fr. Patrick Fludder OSB (Worth Abbey) and Geoff Thompson
organised by Worth Abbey † The Open Cloister
Provisional dates: 2013 Wednesday April 17th to Thursday 2nd May
22nd Apr 2012 Pilgrimage to Jordan organised by Worth Abbey † The Open Cloister "Wilderness Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Jordan - with Moses to John the Baptist, Jesus and Mary"
Led by Fr. Patrick Fludder OSB (Worth Abbey)
2012 September 29th - October 11th
2nd Mar 2012 Easter Liturgies for 2012 All the Easter Liturgy times, now in the renovated church
14th Jan 2012 Simple Profession of Br John On Saturday 21st January there will not be a Mass at the usual time of 09:00 but at 11:00 the Conventual Mass will celebrate the Simple Profession of Br John who will take the monastic vows for three years.
6th Dec 201 Funeral Mass Special Timetable this week 8-9th Dec 2011
6th Dec 2011 The Open Cloister Programme All the events for 2012 are published here.
5th Nov 2011 Dezeen One of the most popular and influential architecture and design blogs on the internet reports on the new furniture in the Abbey Church.
15th Oct 2011 Times of Liturgy From Monday 17 Oct 11 Evening Prayer/ Vespers (Mon - Sat) will start at 18:45 instead of 18:40; And Sunday Morning Prayer/Lauds will start at 07:30 instead of 07:20.
15th Oct 2011 Times of Christmas Liturgies for 2011 Summary of the principal Christmas Liturgies
10th Oct 2011 'The Monastery' The original series of 'The Monastery' may be viewed in 18 parts, on You-tube
20th Aug 2011 Worth Abbey Parish Open Day Sunday September 4th, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Details HERE
16 Jul 2011 Pilgrimages Pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Opportunities and suggestions. Vacancies in November.
12 Jun 2011 Services resume in Worth Abbey Church The timetable for the MONASTIC LITURGIES stays mostly the same but take place in the main Abbey Church - except Midday Prayer that takes place in the monastery chapel so is not open to guests. On the timetable for the MAIN LITURGIES, only the Parish Vigil Mass has changed from 5:15pm to 5:00pm on Saturdays.
3rd Jun 2011 "The Big Silence" is now on DVD The whole series of three one hour programmes is now available on DVD from cannystore.com
20th May 2011 Re-opening Worth Abbey Church on Pentecost Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Abbot and Community are celebrating the re-opening of the Abbey Church with Solemn Vespers on Pentecost Sunday, 12 June.  The Community have invited in the first place benefactors and as many as possible of those connected with the design, construction and implementation of the completion of the Abbey Church. Entrance is by invitation only. The limited number of places left are available for a representative number from other Worth Communities.

Please contact Jenny Griggs on jgriggs@worth.org.uk   (01342 710274) if you would like an invitation.


26th Feb 2011 Easter Liturgies for 2011 The project of interior and exterior works for the Abbey Church will mean that the Church is not quite available for our Easter Services. All the major Easter Services will take place under the temporary arrangements in the Narthex where seating is limited to 350. Exceptionally for this year we ask that only regular parishioners and their families attend our Easter Services. We look forward to seeing our regular parishioners at one of the Four Easter Masses in our Abbey and Parish (marked in blue, on the timetables). For those we cannot invite this year we extend our warm greetings, and we look forward to worshiping with you in the fully completed Abbey Church in the next few months (see HERE for details). The Monastic prayer will continue to be in the Unity Room (or possibly in the Abbey Church, to be decided nearer the time).
16th Feb 2011 Icon of St Benedict In 2009 Worth School commissioned Silvia Dimitrova to paint an Icon of St Benedict to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Worth Senior School. The icon hangs in the reception area of the school where its brilliance and warmth welcomes all our visitors as they enter the main building.
19th Nov 2010 Finding Silence Because of the high demand for places on our Finding Silence weekends for viewers of "The Big Silence", we have managed to schedule a new weekend slot next weekend: 2010 November 26th – 28th.
10th Nov 2010 You-tube See all three episodes of "The Big Silence" in 12 parts
23rd Oct 2010 Media reports on The Big Silence News about the BBC programme 'The Big Silence'
20th Oct 2010 The Big Silence A new section on this website with information about the BBC TWO Series "The Big Silence"
28th May 2010

New BBC TV Series

The BBC have told us that
the dates of transmission are going to be Friday evenings at 19:00 - 20:00 on BBC TWO on October 22nd, 29th and November 5th, 2010.

The title has been changed to "The Big Silence". The series investigates just why "peace and quiet" is so elusive, and in doing so opens up a debate about why some people try to avoid silence because of the reflection that it may bring. Do people construct layers of noise, or "busy-ness" to dull the anxieties of the modern world? The series looks at what might happen to the inner self when people keep quiet.
Featuring a five individuals on the verge of making crucial life decisions, The Big Silence asks whether the power of prayer can help them change their lives.
The Open Cloister is running two special 'Finding Silence' weekend retreats for those who want to find out more for themselves about silence in their lives. The English Jesuits have set up a special website in relation to the series at: http://www.growingintosilence.com/


12th Sep 2010 Abbatial Blessing

More than 750 well-wishers, including a representative of the Papal Nuncio, a Cardinal, Abbots of other monasteries, Bishop John Hind of Chichester and dozens of clergy, flocked to Worth Abbey last Saturday [September 11] to witness Dom Kevin Taggart’s formal installation as the monastery’s fifth abbot.

12th July 2010 Church Refurbishment From Monday, June 21st we moved our regular liturgies out of the main church for an extensive refurbishment that includes new windows, lighting, sound system, choir stalls and congregational seating
2nd June 2010 Abbatial Election The Monastic Community have elected as their Abbot for the next eight year term Dom Kevin Taggart.
14th Feb 2010 Principal Easter Liturgy Times All the monastic Easter prayer times
3rd Feb 2010 Travel to Worth Abbey and Location of The Open Cloister New Map of The Open Cloister area of Worth Abbey
15th Jan 2010 The Open Cloister Weekend Events Dates for "Rediscovering Catholicism – a relaxed weekend for ‘resting’ Catholics!" have changed to 2010 June 4th – 6th
26th Nov 2009 Work opportunities in The Open Cloister There are currently no Job Vacancies in The Open Cloister
13th Nov 2009 The Open Cloister Programme All the events for 2010 are published here.
13th Nov 2009 'The Monastery' The original series of 'The Monastery' may be viewed in 18 parts, on You-tube
24th Oct 2009 Liturgy Times for Christmas Summary of the principal Christmas Liturgies
11th Mar 2009 Worth 75 website Parish Outdoor Passion Play for Worth 75 on Holy Saturday, 11th April 2009
7th Feb 2009 BBC News items about Worth Abbey Monastic Experience Weekends and the Compass Project
3rd Feb 2009 Principal Easter Liturgy Times All the monastic Easter prayer times including the Passion Play on Holy Saturday
25th Nov 2008 Liturgical Links Some exciting web resources for Advent 2008
2nd Nov 2008 The Open Cloister Programme All the events for 2009 are published here.
26th Oct 2008 Abbey Shop Publication of a new Book:
Christian Martyrs for a Muslim People is written by Father Martin McGee, monk of Worth Abbey.
18th Oct 2008 Liturgy Times for Christmas Summary of the principal Christmas Liturgies
12th Oct 2008 Abbey Shop Publication of a new Book:
Finding Happiness: Monastic Steps For A Fulfilling Life written by Abbot Christopher Jamison, Abbot of Worth Abbey.
9th Sep 2008 Worth 75 website In 2008-9 a number of events are planned to celebrate 75 years since Worth was founded by monks from Downside Abbey in Somerset starting with Solemn Vespers for Michaelmas Eve, 28th September 2008, exactly 75 years after Vespers was first celebrated at Worth in 1933.
31st Aug 2008 Abbey Shop MP3 sound samples from "The Chants of St Benedict" CD
31st Aug 2008   New pictures on most major pages in this site
14th May 2008 New weekday silent retreat

2008 Dec. Monday 8th - Thursday 11th
This is very suitable for those who have been on a silent retreat before and want more of a 'good thing'.

10th May 2008 New Book: Touched by God: Ten Monastic Journeys includes contributions from:
Joanna Gilbert a member of the Lay Community of Saint Benedict and
Fr Martin McGee monk of Worth Abbey
20th Feb 2008 Principal Easter Liturgy Times All the monastic prayer times
19th Nov 2007 The Australian Broadcasting Corporation are showing the original Worth Abbey "The Monastery" in December 2007
8th Jun 2007 Bermondsey Huts Recently refurbished camp site in the grounds of Worth Abbey suitable for cheap accommodation for large groups.
7th Jun 2007 Sky Ch 250 (Discovery Real Time) 'The Monastery' TV series will be transmitted on Wednesday 13th June 2007 at 10pm BST and over the following Wednesdays.
8th May 2007 Living Sanctuary For those who missed the April 'Living Sanctuary', here is a new opportunity.
29th Jan 2007 Conference Facilities Details of Conference Facilities utilising school accommodation out of term time.
7th Jan 2007 BBC Radio 4 Sunday 7 Jan 07 Something Understood Mark Tully talks to the Abbot of Worth, about the hunger for sanctuary amid the challenges and business of modern life.
30th Dec 2006 The Mimi Geerges Show is an independently produced American talk radio program. The Mimi Geerges Show (Real Audio) interviews Abbot Christopher
7th Dec 2006 Dom Roger Bacon Of your charity please pray for the repose of the soul of Dom Roger Bacon, monk and priest who died on the 7th December 2006
7th Dec 2006 Sunday 17 December 10:00am - 11:00am BBC1 What the World Needs Now
features Abbot Christopher doing a 10 minute televisual reflection.
25th Nov 2006 Abbey News about the BBC programme 'The Monastery' Archbishop of Canterbury - St Benedict and the Future of Europe. (see the first paragraph of the full text for reference to Worth Abbey)
20th Oct 2006 The Monastery (USA) The Learning Channel broadcast the American version of The Monastery on Sunday, Oct. 22 2006, and the following four Sundays, Oct. 29, Nov. 5, 12 and 19. It was filmed in the monastery of Christ in the Desert in new Mexico during part of February and March 2006.
26th Jun 2006 Travel Directions to Worth Abbey New dynamic Route Planner included.
3rd Jun 2006 Art Monasteries have always valued architecture, music and all the arts. We offer here some examples of beautiful art from our monastery.
19th May 2006 'The Monastery Revisited' The follow-up programme 'The Monastery Revisited' is scheduled to be transmitted on Wednesday 7th June 2006 on BBC TWO, followed by 'The Convent' series of four programmes, filmed at the Poor Clares monastery near Arundel.
14th May 2006 Nick's Writings A sermon on Murmuring preached by Nicholas Buxton on 12th February 2006, at Evensong in Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and featured in BBC2’s The Monastery Revisited.
25th Apr 2006 Abbey Shop Publication of a new Book:
Finding Sanctuary - Monastic Steps for Everyday Life written by Abbot Christopher Jamison, Abbot of Worth Abbey.
16th Apr 2006 Abbey News Newspaper interview in the Independent on Sunday of Br Gabriel
3rd Mar 2006 New Link - Some Other U.K. Monasteries The Elm Grove Community is a sanctuary of peace and prayer, reaching out to share the healing presence of Christ with others across the city of Brighton and Hove. and has developed out of The Lay Community of St. Benedict.
27th Feb 2006 What is New on this Website? (this page) A new page with links form the principal entry pages to bring to the attention of regular visitors to the site any new material.


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