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2014 Weekends

From Friday evening until after Lunch on Sunday.

Cost for each weekend in 2014:

Per person, single room £182 (£128); shared room £156 (£110) unless otherwise indicated.
[The figure in brackets is the concessionary rate - see HERE for details]

To book a place on any of these events, download a booking form from HERE.

(arranged principally by date)

Watching with our Transforming Lord
Shaun Lambert
2014 January 3rd – 5th

How do we follow the footsteps of Jesus into our homes, works, and relationships in a way that transforms our lives? In Mark’s gospel, Jesus shows us the way through watchfulness, a lost aspect of the gospel which is cultivated through contemplative practices like Lectio Divina, silence and the Jesus Prayer. The retreat will look at how these practices help us deal with time and work stress. This is an opportunity at the start of a New Year to take time out to take a fresh look at our lives.
This retreat is led by Shaun Lambert, a Baptist minister, frequent retreatant at Worth, writer (a regular correspondent for the Baptist Times and author of a recent thought-provoking book, A Book of Sparks, which mentions his Worth Abbey experiences) and good friend of the monastic community.  

Finding Sanctuary - Responding to BBC's 'The Monastery'
Fr Roderick Jones OSB and the Monastic Team
2014 January 10th – 12th
2014 September 26th – 28th

These weekends will explore what we understand by ‘sanctuary’ and help participants to create sanctuary in their daily lives. There will be an emphasis on learning to pray and using personal time creatively. It will be structured around the pattern of monastic prayer. This is reserved for those who have not been on such a retreat before.

LCSB Scripture Weekends *
with Viv Randles, Sarah Prime, Michael Woodward
2014 January 24th – 26th: “The Promised Land”
2014 October 31st – November  2nd: “Ezekiel - Closest thing to Crazy”

LCSB Scripture Weekend: "Learning How to be Different Together"
retreat led by Rev Gethin Abraham-Williams
2014 May 30th – June 1st *

[also LCSB Scripture Week in August - see Weekdays]

These weekends are organised by the LCSB primarily for their members but are available to others as well. For more  booking details, please contact the LCSB Administrator (Fiona Rae) at laybenedictines@gmail.com.

Silent Retreat: Individually Guided Prayer (IGR)
(3 days, Friday to Monday)
Monastic team and spiritual guides
2014 May 2nd – 5th

A silent retreat over a long weekend involving prayer with scripture and opportunities to reflect each day, one to one, with an experienced prayer guide (trained lay Christians). The retreats are structured around the monastic prayer and liturgy.
Per person, single room £273 (£192)

Rediscovering Catholicism – a relaxed weekend for reluctant Catholics
Monastic Team
2014 June 27th – 29th

A weekend for ‘resting’ Catholics, wanting to re-establish contact with the Catholic Church. This retreat will provide an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God and to explore, in a peaceful and beautiful environment, the gift of our faith. It will be set around the daily pattern of monastic prayer.

Time to listen, Space to Grow
Mary Watson with Jo Eaton
2014 July 4th – 6th

Highly recommended for those who have not been on a retreat before. A residential retreat for those wanting to explore their own spiritual journey in a contemplative environment, leading to a deeper awareness of God, self and others. It is based on the highly popular Personal and Spiritual Growth (PSG) evening course. We offer a weekend of praying and sharing in different ways. Topics to include: Listening, Praying/Dialogue and Human Being/Spiritual Being. This is not a ‘how to’ course. Using different experiences of ‘prayer’ (in its broadest sense), silence and a ‘creative listening’ method, each person is encouraged to ponder his/her spiritual journey in small, facilitated groups.
Please note: We would encourage anyone who has completed the PSG Course or a Time & Space Weekend (like this one) and would like to develop the themes, to come to the PSG Follow on weekend, see below.

Seeking God’s Face in the Psalms
Br David Jarmy
2014 July 25th – 27th

An opportunity to engage with the Book of Psalms, used so frequently in liturgical prayer, whilst sharing in the rhythm of monastic prayer. These ancient texts – although very human – have the capacity to draw us deeply into the mystery of God.

PSG/Time & Space Follow-on Weekend
Mary Watson with Jo Eaton
2014  September 12th – 14th (in Compass House)

A residential retreat for anyone who has completed the PSG Course or a Time & Space Weekend (like the one above) and who would like to explore further the themes and topics.

Business & Spirituality Retreat
Dr Stephen Payne
2014  September 12th – 14th

Does a leader’s spirituality have anything to do with achieving success in his or her leadership role? Can time spent in the monastic setting deliver leadership insights that are transferable to the workplace?  This event is for people who are involved in organizations in business, the public sector, and elsewhere, and who will enjoy examining how their spirituality impacts their leadership role. By using specially developed materials, set within the context of the daily monastic rhythm, participants will discover and share fresh insights into how to increase their effectiveness as leaders. Dr. Payne practices leadership strategy and executive coaching in Princeton, N.J. A former CEO himself, he challenges leaders to stay more accountable to God throughout their entire career. He is the author of First Rule of Leadership: Achieve Far More by Leading Your Self BEFORE You Lead Others.
Per person, single room £320

Writing in Gold. Icons of Christ – a way to prayer
Br David Jarmy
2014 September 19th – 21st

Looking prayerfully at icons enables us to engage an age-old tradition, which draws us into the Mystery of Christ. Leaving aside analysis, they invite us to open the heart to a journey of discovery.

Finding Silence - Responding to the BBC series "The Big Silence"
The Monastic Team
2014 October 10th – 12th

Weekend retreats for those who have seen the TV series "The Big Silence" (Broadcast 2010 October and November) and who would like to experience something of monastic silence. These retreats will provide an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God and to explore in a peaceful and beautiful environment the gift of silence and stillness as the "gateway to the soul". They include a gentle trial of silence for half the weekend and are structured around the pattern of monastic prayer.

Wisdom of the Desert
Michael Woodward
2014 November 14th – 16th

Our deserts can bloom! The monastic desert tradition can seem long ago and far away, but contains a wisdom that can both challenge and bring healing to our fragmented society and distracted lives. The goal of the desert fathers, and the less well-known mothers, was continuous prayer. The abbas and the ammas spent their time in lectio divina, reciting the psalms and the breviary, and cultivating the prayer of the heart. We will look at the main features of desert spirituality and seek to slow down, be quiet, listen for the voice of God, and reflect upon how to sustain such a spirituality in our daily lives.



The dates for our 2015 programme will be published here. Please indicate your interest to the Bookings Secretary (HERE) and we will make sure you are sent the details as they become available.

Other events may be arranged and will be published here. If you are interested in holding your own group retreat here using our facilities, you need to apply (to the Bookings Secretary) by May 2014 to be sure of our availability throughout 2015. However, there is less pressure on weekdays than weekends so you may be able to book closer to your desired date.


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