Worth Abbey Church Open for Private Prayer (from Wednesday 24th June)

We are pleased to announce that we have now put in place all the necessary arrangements for opening the Abbey Church for private prayer.  We will open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 2.00pm – 4.00pm.  This will begin on Wednesday, 24th June.  We are very grateful to those who have generously offered their service as stewards.  Please follow their indications carefully.  These have been worked out in accordance with instructions from the diocese and government regulations.  Enter by the far, west, door of the Narthex and sanitise your hands.  You will be shown down by a marked route to a specific place in the Church. Please sit on the sheet of instructions which you will receive.  As you leave, please follow the route indicated and sanitise your hands as you depart by the east door of the Narthex.  We regret that we have been instructed to close the toilets.  Children are welcome, but must be under their parents’ careful control at all times.  Please observe the two metre distancing rule.  If you have any doubts about your own health, please remain at home for your prayer. All these measures are to ensure everyone’s safety and we think particularly of the vulnerable members of the monastic community.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Anyone who has a problem with steps will be invited to use the lift.

Posted in on 14 June 2020 and updated on 23 June 2020.