Abbot Luke writes: ‘We initiated a new venture in 2019, when Fr Peter and Fr Roderick went to live and work alongside the Wellspring Community – a community of young lay people formed in their Benedictine spirituality by the Worth monastic community. Building on that experience, we are launching a new phase of our monastic presence in Brighton as we now send four monks: Aidan, Roderick, Anthony and Gabriel. Their priority will be to follow the Benedictine way of life and to be a witness to the gospel, living alongside both the Wellspring Community and the people of East Brighton. As far as the Covid moment allows, they will offer hospitality and engage in pastoral ministry in the local parish and with Wellspring. Fr Roderick will continue in his rôle as the Catholic Chaplain to Sussex University. From 4th January 2021, the four monks will be living at 199, Elm Grove, Brighton.

I am hopeful that this next stage of the Brighton Mission, as we are calling the venture, will be life-giving for the whole monastic community. There will be much to learn from living and working in a very different context, as we look to the future of how monastic life can develop at a moment that Pope Francis calls “a change of era”.’

Please keep Fr Aidan, Fr Roderick, Br Anthony and Fr Gabriel, in your prayers.

Abbot Luke

Posted in on 1 December 2020 and updated on 2 January 2021.