ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Excerpts from the English translation and chants of the Roman Missal © 2010, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.

From The Psalms: A New Translation published by Harper Collins Religions by permission of A P Watt on behalf of the Grail (England). We gratefully acknowledge permission through Calamus (Licence No. 0087) (Worth Abbey and Christian Copyright Licensing under CCL Licence No. 160918 (Worth Abbey) to print the words and/or music of:

Hail Redeemer King Divine Patrick Brennan CSsR (1877-1952) © Burns & Oates Ltd
Your merciful love O God John Ainslie, Benedicamus Pubs
Gloria Christopher Walker Belmont Mass GIA Pubs
Our eyes are on the Lord Mount St Bernard Abbey from Responsorial Psalm Book – Edited by G Boulton Smith© Collins Pubs
Alleluia 4 Dom Philip Gaisford Worth Abbey Trustees
How can I sing that majesty Words: John Mason (1645-1694) – Tune: Coe Fen (Kenneth Naylor (1931-1991)