Finding the Language of Grace: Rediscovering transcendence by Christopher Jamison published on 15 September 2022

“Finding the Language of Grace: Rediscovering transcendence focuses on the transcendent experiences of grace that we struggle to talk about in today’s very business-like culture. Abbot Christopher shows how the ways we listen and speak, read, and write can all be channels of grace. . . The power and the pain of grace resonate throughout the book, offering a new perspective on healing the loneliness and mistrust experienced by many, as well as on the turbulence and political extremes of today’s world.”

You are warmly invited to attend the book launch of Abbot President Christopher’s latest book, ‘Finding the Language of Grace’, on Tuesday 8 November at 7pm at Worth Abbey.   The event,  will be jointly sponsored by Worth School and Worth Abbey, as Abbot Christopher is a distinguished former Headmaster of Worth as well as a former Abbot.


Posted on 16 September 2022 in Worth Abbey news.

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