Benedictine Divine Office at 1:00pm

Experience some of the prayers that have been said by Benedictine communities across the world for centuries. Make sure you arrive in time to take you seat in the church before 1 pm.

Reflective Walk 1:30pm and 1:45pm

Assemble outside the church for a walk with one of the monks down to the monastic Quiet Garden. Along the way there will be readings and reflections.

Tours of the Worth Campus, from 1:00pm

Enjoy a guided tour of the Worth Abbey and Worth School campus which will include the iconic Church, the Retreat Centre, the historic buildings built by the Cowdray family and the newest and most high-tech building on the site. Finish the tour with afternoon tea on the South Terrace.

Reflective Walk 2:30pm and 2:45pm

Another chance to take a walk with one of the monks down to the Quiet Garden. Readings and reflections along the way.

Delicious Teas and Cakes with a view, from 1:00pm

Worth Abbey, which is situated on a ridge, has one of the most beautiful views in Sussex. There is no finer place to enjoy the views than the South Terrace, outside the Whitehead Room. Come and enjoy your tea and cake here and take in the spectacular views of the weald and the South Downs.

Guided Prayers 

Will take place at 2pm and 3pm in the Abbey Church.

Organ Concert by the acclaimed resident organist, D’Arcy Trinkwon, 3:45pm

Enjoy an exciting and memorable concert by D’Arcy Trinkwon, our internationally distinguished organist. The 45-minute recital will feature organ music inspired by the Catholic Liturgy including music of Messiaen, Touremire, Dupré, Demessieux,and Frescobaldi. The concert will lead into Vespers.

Vespers, 4:30pm

This is the fitting and meditative conclusion to the day. Be sure to be seated in good time for the monastic office of Vespers.