Today, May 10th we remember and pray for Fr Bede Hill OSB, a monk of Worth Abbey, on the first anniversary of his death. It was his great love of Creation that inspired him to study Agriculture and to become the Farm Manager at Worth in the 1950’s. He went on shortly afterwards to join the monastery. The poem ‘A Coastal Dawn Awakening’ I trust would meet his approval.
A Coastal Dawn Awakening
A salted breeze fans the coastal sloped housetops of Brighton.
Rising over the chimney stacks it carries the morning gossip and crowing of chattering gulls,
Their disparate tales united in playful jostling chorus, straining to be heard.
For those alert to listen, the gladness, hope and praise proclaimed is palpable,
Long before monastic verse escapes the chapel walls.
Sounding closer to home, mesmeric pulsing triplets of the collared Dove are heard.
A Litany for springtime – of mellowed rhythmic tones.
And as morning now unfolds, the busy Starlings and Blackbirds can be seen,
Preening, orchestrating, animating,
Whilst the sweet sliding party song of Sparrows in the hedgerows join the throng.
Oh Come. Do be still and listen.
This dawning coastal symphony will not be heard for long.
Attune your ear reflectively. This composition true,
Reminds and still assures us. In Christ – All is made new.

Posted on 10 May 2021.

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