Every Christian is called to live out their baptism by following Christ — but for some there is the sense of a ‘deeper call’, to live for Christ alone.

This call is what prompts a person to think of living monastic life. Usually this sense of ‘a call’ is very hazy, and unspecific. It may have come from the experience of visiting a monastery or meeting a monk. For others it may be the ideals of monastic life – prayer – community living – that inspires them, which most find difficult to explain.

Becoming a monk is a life-long formation, entered into through several stages and involving the taking of certain vows.

If you have a sense of a possible call like this, start by emailing vocations@worth.org.uk.

What comes next

Usually after enquiring, you’ll to come and stay at the monastery for a few of days, experiencing the communal life and prayer.

Then if you want to continue exploring, you will keep in touch, try and build up a habit of prayer in your life, and make a longer visit some time later. This may continue for some time.

The last part of the discernment process would be to live at the monastery as a ‘postulant’; that is, ‘someone seeking entry’.