‘Whatever house you enter, let your first words be “Peace to this house”’ (Luke 10:5)

It has been a full summer following the election of Abbot Mark at Worth on June 8th. In early July we had the opportunity for a break to stay with family; this was followed by a silent retreat with the Community back at Worth and the annual Community discussion week in mid-August. We are now firmly back in Brighton and preparing to move house and re-establish our Brighton home.

We have enjoyed being in our house on Elm Grove, but it has some drawbacks, most notably the layout of communal spaces makes it difficult to offer hospitality as we would wish. Secondly, we are located on a busy road which impinges on the prayerful atmosphere we hope to offer. So, we have found an alternative house, in a quieter area and with a better layout of rooms that offers opportunities for exploring ways of offering hospitality as this becomes more possible. Our new address will be 128 Richmond Road, more centrally located but the same walking distance to St Joseph’s.

The move to our new home will take place on 14th September, and the rest of September will be largely taken up with settling in, getting orientated again and establishing our pattern of monastic living in the new setting.

Please keep our initiative in your prayers, that the Lord reveals his pan for us.

Posted on 12 September 2021.

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