Welcome to Worth Abbey.

Our vocation as monks is truly to seek God. This website offers insights into how we are responding to this call. I hope it will encourage you in your love of God and of your neighbour.

We proclaim the words of the Apostles Creed. ‘I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints’. We believe in the Communion of Saints. Each one of us is called to be a Saint; it is our baptised vocation to follow the call to holiness, to seek God, who alone is holy. It is always God’s work in us – the work of the Holy Spirit.  In the words of one of the Prefaces of the Mass ‘That you might see love in us, what you see and love in Christ’.

As we try to live our own baptismal vocation the Saints go before us, and they accompany us, and they will be in Heaven to welcome us.  All the Saints whom we celebrate today are always on our side; they are our friends in the faith of Christ.  They show their friendship by living out very different paths to holiness, illustrating that God takes our unique character and transforms us in his Son.

The Saints show their friendship by interceding for us.  Their greatest desire is that we too become saints; that we become fully part of the Communion of Saints.  Let us be ready to turn to them and ask for their help and support.

Is there a particular monastic and Benedictine path to holiness? St Bernard, following St Benedict and his Rule, says that there is: it is the path of humility.  If we follow this path we will allow the truth about ourselves to be revealed, continuing on the path we will discover the truth of our neighbour.  If we continue to persevere we will come to the truth of God.

We each of us pray that God will continue his work of holiness in our lives, and let us turn to the Saints to follow their example and to seek their intercession.

Invoking the intercession of All Saints, I pray that you will be encouraged through your contact with Worth Abbey; please pray for us.

Abbot Luke

October 2018