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Welcome to Worth Abbey — a community of Roman Catholic Benedictine monks near Crawley, West Sussex.

Our vocation as monks is truly to seek God. This website offers insights into how we are responding to this call; and I hope it will encourage you in your love of God and your neighbour. Read Abbot Mark’s welcome message…

Renew your links to Worth

Worth Abbey Pilgrims    

Join us Worth Abbey Pilgrims are a friendship and information network centred at Worth, enabling us to stay in touch with what is happening here and to become involved in a range of activities and events at Worth Abbey throughout the year. Through the Pilgrims network , we aim to give a warm welcome in the Benedictine tradition of hospitality to all our existing friends and to those who are discovering Worth for the first time, as well as offering opportunities for deepening our Christian faith and travelling together in prayer and service. For more information, please email or visit the Pilgrims page on our website.  We look forward to you joining us in the months and years ahead.

Worth Abbey Internship Programme

Stay with us Worth Abbey is inviting applications from men between the age of eighteen and thirty-five for a limited number of monastic internships.  Participants will live alongside the monastery for two months, following a pattern of life similar to that of the monks. This includes a pattern of communal prayer throughout the day, personal prayer, shared silent meals. Study and work. Participants will learn about the Benedictine tradition and have the opportunity to live in community, to deepen their prayer lives and their personal engagement with scripture.  For more information, please email or visit the Monastic Interns page on our website. 

Pray with us

Visit us at Worth Abbey Church at any time during each day.

Pray with us through Live Streaming.

Join us at the Retreat Centre which is offering a new programme of retreats.

Monastic life

Delve into our monastic life:

Find out what life at Worth Abbey is like, discover the personal accounts of some of the monks or find out about our wonderful buildings.

Delve into our monastic life